The Dream I Used To Have

Mark Glentworth

"The Dream I Used To Have"
This is a song from my show 7 1/2 years it's about a boyhood fantasy of saving people, or feeling heroic, in a childish way. it originates from a true story, when in my childhood we saved a friend from drowning and the local newspaper turned up and took pictures of my little gang. We were"heroes" for the day!
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Whats Next! 

Hey everyone, I've got a very exciting few weeks coming up as I'm travelling to Russia for the first time, to give a concert and also be part of the Drumwave competition, where I am judging in the tuned percussion section. Shortly after that trip I will be travelling to do USA to New York a mixture of holiday and work really looking forward that, especially the acoustic set I will perform on the 17th of December in Rhinebeck upstate New York . I will be posting on my social media pages about these adventures as usual so take a look ( Instagram ( faceBook, so watch out for that.


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7 1/2 Years

A New Musical, Written Composed & Performed By : Mark Glentworth

Musical theatre Edinburgh Festival 2021  


“Tells his survivor’s story in an expression of hope with songs not only from the heart but touching the hearts of the listeners” 

 “A biographical work like nothing else I have ever seen” 

This musical is about a composer and musician who at the peak of his career suddenly and rapidly suffers a career stopping health crisis, which spirals out of control. This story is very relevant to modern day life and the pressures that it brings. It touches on many issues including mental health and wellbeing, loss, grief, love and rebirth. It is ultimately an uplifting story as it focuses on, not the fact that we may become ill or unable to carry on with our lives, but rather on why and how we overcome the challenges life throws at us.

Professional Experience


Professional Experience

At the age of 16 I was one of the youngest students to study percussion at the Royal Northern College of Music. After graduating I started working in London as a Freelance percussionist in all styles of music. My composition work has covered a very wide spectrum of music ranging from commercial song writing through to orchestral composition and opera. I have worked with Steven Berkoff, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Peter Maxwell Davis’s Fires Of London, The BBC Symphony Orchestra and The  London Sinfonietta. 

One of my first compositions was a Vibraphone solo called

Blues for Gilbert’

This has gone on to become a percussion standard, (One of the most performed tuned percussion piece of all time), and has been recorded on many CD’s. 

Composer and Performer for Steven Berkoff 

I have been working with Steven Berkoff since 1983. Over the years we have collaborated on many productions. I create my scores organically during the rehearsal period. I have a setup comprising  percussion instruments, keyboards and a computer running live elements as well. apart from our numerous stage productions we have also worked on TV and Radio productions too

Our collaborations include productions of: West, Greek, Metamorphosis, Sink The Belgrano, The Trial, Coriolanus, Macbeth (Radio version), One Man Show, Tell-tale Heart, Berkoff’s Messiah.  One of our most notable productions was the Stage version of the classic film,

‘On the Water Front’

which received glowing reviews: 

On The Water Front, Theatre Royal, Haymarket – Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard 

The excitement of the plot, strengthened by Mark Glentworth’s memorable music. 

Michael Coveney; The Independent 

There are classic slow-motion sequences that look like ballet, with fantastic musical back-up from composer Mark Glentworth.” 

Claudia Pritchard; Independent on Sunday 

“Mark Glentworth’s thrilling live score”